Monday, February 6, 2012

Bollywood box office report of the film - Agnipath

Bollywood box office report of the film - Agnipath .starring Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka chopra , Sanjaydatt. Agnipath is a remake of block buster film of 1980s of the same name Agnipath where Amitabh bacchan is in leading role.

According to india it has crossed the rs 75 crore business at the boxoffice. Producer dharmas productipon and karan johar is looks happy now.

It is belived to be reached Rs 100 Crore by this week. Although Agnipath has good opening and collected 23 Crores on the opening day.

According to uk boxoffice Agnipath collected 2.7 crores in the wwekend of the film released according to bollywood hungama.

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  1. i am mad fan of hrithik roshan from his first film kaho na pyar his performance in agnipath is best ans ction still are new....
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